Utilise the Apprenticeship Levy to support others

Levymatch.com has been created by Cambridge Regional College to meet the demand of levy companies who want share their levy to develop new talent in the region and support other local businesses. Most levy payers are unable to fully utilise their levy but most want to use it, rather than lose it. Large employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy can use this service to pledge some of their funds to support other organisations enabling them to access apprenticeship training free of charge. Non levy employers can use this service, to register their interest in receiving Apprenticeship Levy funding.

Decide who you would like to benefit – supply chain, charities, same sectors businesses, any local business
Transfer up to 25% of your Apprenticeship Levy
Match with any organisation looking for apprenticeship funds


Guiding both parties through the process

Our team is on hand to offer support and advice to organisations who wish to start, or are going through, the transfer process.

From calculating available funds, to setting up Digital Apprenticeship Service accounts, making or receiving a transfer and locating a suitable a training provider, our levy match service is here to help through every step in the process.



Introduced in 2017

The apprenticeship levy was introduced in 2017 for employers across all sectors with annual salary bills of over £3 million.

The apprenticeship Levy is paid by all employers who have salary bills of over £3 million per tax year. The purpose of the levy is to boost business by encouraging investment in a skilled and qualified work force. The Levy is 0.5% of the employer salary bill and transfers are made into a Digital Apprenticeship Service which the employer can access to fund Apprenticeship training.

What's changed?

Organisations can now transfer their Levy funds

Organisations can transfer up to 25% of their Apprenticeship Levy funds to any other organisation, including other levy payers.

Since April 2019, Levy paying employers have been able to transfer their funds from their Digital Apprenticeship Service account to another organisation. The receiving organisation could be any other organisation wishing to up skill their workforce. This could be a company in the supply chain, local charities or any other business. This is an excellent way for levy companies to support their local community and demonstrate good corporate social responsibility (CSR).



Cambridge Regional College

Ranking top of the region for Employer Satisfaction in the Further Education Choices Survey, we want to continue to deliver an excellent service to the employers with which we work, and be at the forefront of apprenticeships in our region.
Launching this Levy Match service means that we can provide additional support to those organisations who wish to invest in apprenticeship training and enable Levy paying employers to fully utilise their funds.

We are happy to help any employer looking to pledge or receive a Levy.

Our full Levy Match service is available to employers looking to engage CRC as their training provider. For those receiving employers who are looking to use another training provider, once we have found a transferring Levy employer, we will then refer your enquiry to the Combined Authority (CPCA) service, who can provide further support.