Levy match – helping connect funds to build a future

Levymatch.com has been created by Cambridge Regional College to meet the demand of levy companies who want to share their levy, in order to develop new talent in the region and support other local businesses. Many levy payers are unable to fully utilise their levy but want to use it, rather than lose it. Large employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy can use this service to pledge some of their funds to support other organisations enabling them to access apprenticeship training free of charge. Non levy employers can use this service to register their interest in receiving Apprenticeship Levy funding.


Matching Made Easy

Pledge Your Levy

Submit your organisation's details to make your pledge. If it is important for you to direct your funds, please let us know the parameters within which you would like us to work. We will then find you an organisation requesting to receive Levy funding which matches your criteria.

Receive Levy Funding

Submit your organisation's details to request a transfer of apprenticeship Levy funds. Let us know some key facts about your business operations and apprentice requirements, then we can start looking at the organisations who have pledged and match you with one that would work.